The culture of Continuous Delivery - An interactive workshop

Track: Agile Culture, Raum: Galileo Galilei, 30.06.2015 - 14:00 to 17:00


During the interactive Workshop we're going to come up with not only basic findings about Continuous Delivery in general but also talk about its origins, its history and especially some of its "why" and "how". We will work on questions about the culture, the agile mindset and the technology behind CD.

This includes questions like

"Can a product really be deployed upon one click? Should it?"

"What are build pipelines?"

"How to transistion from Dev to DevOps?"

"Which culture and which values are needed to support CD?"

This workshop will include lots of flipcharts, colorful post-its and other agile stuff. No programming or scripting will be needed.

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